Sex and Headache : Headache during or after Orgasm. Is it Serious ? What to do ?

Last year, a 30 year old professional came to me with a history of Headache after Orgasm and wanted to know whether it is normal. In fact, all he expected was walking into the consultation chamber, me saying “Nothing to worry” and he walk back reassured. But, it is not as simple as that !

Let us see some basics. Intra cranial Tension (ICT) or Intra cranial pressure (ICP) refers to the pressure inside the brain. When it is raised beyond a limit, there is headache. During Orgasm, ICP increases a bit.

Pressure inside the Brain : Sex and Headache

  • When the Baseline Intra Cranial pressure is within normal limits, even when there is raise in pressure, it does not cause headache
  • If the Baseline ICP is high enough to cause headache then there is headache all the time
  • But if the baseline ICP is itself a bit high, but not so high as to cause headache, there is no headache during routine activities
    But During Orgasm, the ICP Further increases and the threshold is crossed. So there is headache

In Short

  • Mild Headache during Normal Times and Increase in Intensity during Orgasm means that the individual has a high ICP
  • No Headache during Normal Times and headache only during orgasm means that the Intra Cranial Pressure is rising and we need to urgently intervene to find the cause

I did an Clinical Examination and as expected the Fundus (Eye) showed early eigns of increased pressure inside the skull. It can be any infection or tumour. MRI of Brain Revealed Infection of the coverings of the brain with Tuberculous bacteria. The patient took proper treatment and the infection has been cured and the pressure has come back to normal and when you see the Eye (Fundus) now, there is no sign of raised pressure

Now Few Frequently Asked Questions about this

  • Question 1. What is the common Cause of Headache after Orgasm. Is it Always an Infection or Tumour ?
  • Answer 1. No ! The most common cause of Headache after Orgasm is Muscle Tension.
  • Question 2. Is MRI Brain Needed for Every Case of Headache after Orgasm
  • Answer 2. No. MRI Brain is not needed for every case of headache after orgasm. It is needed only when the Pressure Inside Brain is Increased
  • Question 3. How do I know whether the pressure inside my brain is increaed or not  ?
  • Answer 3. Consult a Neurosurgeon !