Ingredients in Vaccines

Often, We come across people opposing vaccines based on wrong notion. For example, in the Facebook Post by Dr.Prakash, an excellent and eminent surgeon, the following comment was posted

Anti vaxxers are Fools, Anti Socials, Serial Killers and Unfit to live
Anti vaxxers are Fools, Anti Socials, Serial Killers and Unfit to live

Here is the response

//The list is bit shocking and I need your explanation for those items in that list..//

What is there to be shock ? The explanation is right there ? Some excipients are added to a vaccine for a specific purpose. These include:

  • Preservatives, to prevent contamination. For example, thimerosal.
  • Adjuvants, to help stimulate a stronger immune response. For example, aluminum salts.
  • Stabilizers, to keep the vaccine potent during transportation and storage. For example, sugars or gelatin.

Others are residual trace amounts of materials that were used during the manufacturing process and removed.

  • These can include:Cell culture materials, used to grow the vaccine antigens. For example, egg protein, various culture media.
  • Inactivating ingredients, used to kill viruses or inactivate toxins. For example, formaldehyde.
  • Antibiotics, used to prevent contamination by bacteria. For example, neomycin.

What is there to be shocking here ? And what is the explanation ?

And here is the full details from that Vaccine Excipient Summary table

//These people are not against vaccine but want a safe medicine for their loved ones…//

Even Oxygen has toxicity. If some one says that he wants a safe oxygen
What will be your respone ?  You will consider him a fool. Isn’t it ? Same way
We consider those who oppose vaccines citing meagre side effects as FOOLS and STUPIDS


What if some one comes and closes your mouth asking you not to breathe oxygen since it is toxic ? you will call him Anti Social, Killer and Unfit to live

That is why we brand Anti Vaxxers in these names. Any doubts sir ?

//you are branding people those who question the efficacy of vaccine as Anti vaxxers.. ..//

Not just anti vaxxers . . We also brand them as Fools, Anti Socials, Serial Killers and those who are Unfit to live

Anti Rabies Vaccine for Dog Bite. Availability in Primary Health Centre and Medical College

Some Times Truth is Stranger than Fiction
Let me share a real fact.


I joined Tamil Nadu Medical Services in 2004 and worked for three years in Primary Health Centres. In Primary Health Centres, Run by Department of Health, Government of Tamil Nadu, we used to give ARV (Anti Rabies Vaccine) any time the patient walks in.

And then
I came to Madras Medical College, a tertiary care institution and was shocked to find that Vaccines are given only from 8 AM to 11 AM and that too only on Working Days. . . I could not comprehend the rationale. I am sure that Dogs in areas round the medical college hospital do not follow Calendar and Watch when biting on unsuspecting individuals


So, you have two hospitals run by the Same Government, Same Ministry, Same Minister, Same Health Secretary

  1. A 24x7x365 Tertiary Care Hospital, with nearly 1000 doctors working and around 5000 beds, where Vaccines for dog bite are given only 3 hours for 6 days a week
  2. A Primary Health Centre, with just two doctors, where vaccines for dog bite are given any time the patient walks in

Logic says that you will expect better service in a Tertiary Care Hospital
In Reality, Primary Health Centres Provide Better Service

So, the administrative fact that is really fiction is that Tertiary Health Care gives better service 🙂

I did try to analyse why this happened and found the reason too

It was because

Anti Rabies Vaccine Multi Dose Vial
Anti Rabies Vaccine Multi Dose Vial

Earlier, Vaccines came in Multi Dose Vial. That is in a single bottle (or ampoule) there were many doses. So, they took the bottle out of the fridge and wanted to finish it off quickly. So they made people come within a narrow time window
Now, vaccines come in single dose vial. Only one dose in a bottle (or ampoule). So they can open the vial, give the injection and need not worry about keep it safe again

Anti Rabies Vaccines started in Medical Colleges a long time ago, So they followed the narrow time window. They did not think to change it when multi dose vials got replaced by single dose vials. They did not apply their mind. They did not take the new scientific advancement to their advantage. It is like a person who started using bicycle, continuing in bicycle even after two wheelers were invented

Anti Rabies Vaccine Single Dose Vial
Anti Rabies Vaccine Single Dose Vial

Primary Health Centres, where they recently started Anti Rabies Vaccines and at that time, they had single dose vials. So they did not have any time window

This also underlies lessons in Management :

  1. All Protocols need to be reviewed at regular intervals and see whether a new and better protocol be introduced taking into account a recent invention or scientific advancement
  2. Smaller institutions may have better protocols. So learning should be two way and the bigger institutions need not always push their ideas

I quit

I have been fighting against the anti vaccine anti social brigade in Social Media for a long time

For many years, I was the lone voice in Indian Cyber Space against terrorists with perverted mind like Jaganatha Chaterjee who went on spreading lies against vaccines.

The Tamil Cyber Space was equally bad with fake information regarding Blood Donations, Transplants, Pregnancy and I was fighting those too alone as recent as (or as far as – depending on how new you are to Social Media) 2013.

I would have given up in 2013, but for the Support I got from Doctors (Karthikeyan TheRebel Sir, Sidharth Parivallal Sen Balan as well as Non Medicos like Ravishankar Ayyakannu, Ravi Senthazal, Selvakumar Ramachandran, தோழர் அரக்கன், Ponnusamy Purushothaman . Ananthakrishnan Pakshirajan, Umamaheshvaran Panneerselvam, M.m. Abdulla Annan etc)

When the Rumours are floated in FB, G+ etc, we can atleast write a comment clariying it
When it comes to Whatsapp, there is no place to counter it and tell the truth and it spreads very rapidly


As told by Osai Chella, //..A 2011 report carried out by Haifa University concluded the opposition to vaccinations is “a trend rapidly gaining traction in the past years.” //

Why this is happening is easy to understand


AntiVaxxers, Vaccines, MMR, Polio
AntiVaxxers, Vaccines, MMR, Polio

There are two kinds of people in the world

  • One : Wise Men Men and Women
  • Two : Fools

Even when they are under the Shade, Wise Men Men and Women knew the importance of shade and the problem with being directly under Sun . .So they will always prefer to be under the shade

When a Fool is in shade for too long, he/she won’t know what it is to be directly under sun and hence won’t know the importance of shade and neglect it


Same Way
Wise Men and Women know the importance of Vaccines even without seeing a child die due to diphtheria

Fools, who don’t have intelligence may not know the importance of vaccines when the disease is not widespread
Once these people see their kids becoming lame, blind, deaf or dead, they will rush to hospitals demanding vaccines

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Stupidity - Organic Eugenics
Artificial Intelligence and Natural Stupidity – Organic Eugenics

It is a matter of time
Till then Lots of Kids would be affected . . And Needless to say, the blood of those kids will be on the hands of every one in media and social media who has shared anti vaccine posts.


As Some one who has worked for three years in Primary Health Centres, As Some one who has got up at 4 AM and went alone in a TVS 50 carrying vaccines in Freezer Box to the remotest of hamlets for Pulse Polio, As a Neurosurgeon who has seen fair bit of Residual Polio and SSPE, reading the anti vaxxer’s stupidity spoils my mood

ஆர்கானிக் யூஜெனிக்ஸ்: செயற்கை நுண்ணறிவும் இயற்கை மூடத்தனமும் (Artificial Intelligence and Natural Stupidity : Organic Eugenics)
ஆர்கானிக் யூஜெனிக்ஸ்: செயற்கை நுண்ணறிவும் இயற்கை மூடத்தனமும் (Artificial Intelligence and Natural Stupidity : Organic Eugenics)

Hence I have decided to quit this topic in Social Media and have written two books, one in English and One in Tamil (which you see in the side)

If you are Out of India, you can buy the English Book at
The English Book is also available in Google Books


Those who want to know the need for vaccines, can read my old posts
In case of doubts, Please ask in the comments

The blood of those who die will be on the hands of everyone in media and social media who had created anti vaccine mindset the under garb of “reporting”, “inviting discussion” and “awareness”

Places in Hell are Reserved for these perverts.


Those who can’t realize the need of vaccines without experiencing the need yourself (sic), best of Luck.

Let your Realisation Come Soon (sic)

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