Is General Surgery a Good Course to Study

Question :

Respected surgeons, I am an aspiring surgeon. Got a rank of 2500 in neetpg and have always dreamt of being a surgeon. But now people are advising against it, saying that there is too much of frustration and money is not good, and that I should opt for obgy or radiology. Massively confused now… is it so? Is surgery no more a decent branch?

Answer :

Dear Doctor
There are 4 different aspects

  1. 1. What we are good at
  2. 2. What we love to do
  3. 3. What the world needs
  4. 4. What we can get paid

Of these
What we are good at
What we love to do
is our passion

What we love to do
What the world needs
is our Mission

What the world needs
What we can get paid
is our Vocation

What we are good at
What we can get paid
is our profession

There are few people
Who can have the all the four in one job / work
Many don’t have that
We must at least learn to distribute our time

For me

  • Passion is Neurosurgery
  • Mission is my work in Government like HMIS, TAEI etc
  • Profession is Web Designing and Software Development where I earn more 🙂
  • Vocation is writing and trying to bring change in Areas like Diet, Healthcare

You can do General Surgery and Still Earn 10 Lakhs
You can do MD Radiology and Still Earn 1 lakhs
What will happen after 3 years, 10 years you won’t know
First Chose the filed you like
with an understanding that you may or may not earn in the same field
If you are able to earn (that is if your passion and profession are the same), well and good
If not do your passion and look for alternative sources of income like Share Market etc in due course

Please note that very few individuals can have the same Profession-Passion-Vocation-Mission
If you have, well and good
If not, learn to adjust
Bottom Line is
As of now
Learn the Course which you love
But be prepared to find that your Co PG earning 10 times as you after 10 years or you earning 10 times as him after 10 years
That we cannot predict now