PNB Loan Crisis : Privatize Banks or Nationalize Jewelries

  • One Intelligentsia : I am thinking aloud, If Nationalised Banks had been privatised, would these issues occur.
  • Me : Yes, It would still Occur. But If All Industries above 1 crore is Nationalised, this won’t occur
  • Intelligentsia : Blinks and Gulps and Moves Away

They say “Never Argue with Idiots. They bring you to their level and win through familiarity”
I would say that the first part of the logic always happen, but winning can be either way depending on how smart you are

Difference between Humble and Timid, Proud and Arrogant

  • The difference between Strong and Rude, Kind and Weak, Humble and Timid, Proud and Arrogant are all the same.
  • It is the same difference between Blood and Tomato Sauce. It depends on who exhibits them.
  • If it is by some one we like, call use former terms.
  • Else Latter terms